About CEA

Comark Equity Alliance, LLC (CEA), one of the largest federally licensed grain companies in the United States, is comprised of twenty-four grain cooperatives with 145 locations that stretch from Southern Nebraska, through Kansas and Oklahoma, and into the Texas panhandle. These locations include three grain terminals, two of which are also shuttle loaders, and a 150 million bushel storage capacity.

The company began operating in August 2017 following the merger of CoMark Grain Marketing (CGM) and Equity Marketing Alliance (EMA). Located in Enid, Oklahoma, the company is now singularly focused on making its customers' experience one that is unmatched in the industry by providing proactive, relationship-driven grain risk management services. 

Our Mission

CEA will be the leading marketing alliance in our industry. We will provide undeniable value to our customers - producers, members, and destination partners alike - by engaging and educating them in our business, while elevating theirs. 

Our Vision

Provide strategic, empowering, and profitable grain risk management - for all our partners.

Core Values

With our member-cooperatives, their producers, and our employees as our focus, we live by these values:

Provide member satisfaction with fairness, integrity, and exceptional service.

Maintain maximum profitability and sustained growth through responsible decisions and operational excellence.

Create employee retention and engagement by maintaining a productive and rewarding culture.